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Jessica "Dr. Jess" Weiler is an strengths-based, client-centered, pediatric mental health occupational therapist looking to serve clients and families virtually in Wisconsin.


Jessica received her education through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Jessica has an additional certification as a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner through Starr Commonwealth.

  • MOT (Master Of Occupational Therapy)- University of Illinois at Chicago.   

Jessica studied occupational therapy with clinical rotations in school based practice and clinical outpatient pediatric practice.

Jessica received a doctorate specific to pediatric mental health. Jessica created a resource guide for OTs promoting mental health in schools.

  • OTD (Occupational Therapy Doctorate)- University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Why choose thrive?


At Thrive Therapy, we are dedicated to making effective progress and we are dedicated to you!

Dr. Jess recognizes the importance of building relationships and ensures to provide the best evidence-based care that is specific to you and your family.


We want to make sure that you are also dedicated to meeting your goals as well.

When we are committed together to making effective change, we thrive!


Thrive Therapy provides unique interventions in regulation, mental health promotion, and trauma informed care. 

Dr. Jess is specialized in pediatric mental health and the sensory responses to trauma. 

Who we serve

Oliver is a 6 year old boy who was just recently diagnosed with Autism.

Mom: “Our family doctor is recommending therapy for 30 hours a week! My gut is saying this is not right. I need to seek out more information on how to support my child.”


Emma is a 7-year-old first grader and has always been high energy with a friendly personality.

Dad: “I know she can be exhausting sometimes, but the school is reporting aggressive behavior. Last year she got a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder. I know she can behave but I just don’t know how to help.”


Do any of these stories sound familiar? Do you want to better understand your child’s diagnosis? Do you wonder what information you are missing out on? 

Schedule a free discovery call today so that you can feel empowered raising your child. 

Liam was adopted when he was 4 and suffered some early childhood trauma.

Mom: “He was so young, I don’t know if he even remembers what happened to him. Now he is 5 and is having tantrums daily. Sometimes we can figure out why, other times it seems like it is over nothing.”

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